Practicing Citations-due Friday

27 09 2012

Using your sources, write a paragraph that you would actually use in your synthesis essay.  In your paragraph, use the correct citations within the paragraph (Douglass, 4).   If you have any questions, look at today’s handout or look on the blog.


MLA sample link

26 09 2012

Here is the link to the document used in class.  This is a GREAT example of the PROPER use of MLA citations.

Synthesis Sentence Strategies due 9/25/12

23 09 2012

Please refer to the Sentence Strategies Foundation Lessons handout previously given to you.  Please see the handout for specific examples.

Use the pattern below to write a meaningful paragraph about your synthesis topic.  *** You may NOT have the same paragraphs as your group members. Please post your paragraph to the blog


G-Define something

L-Make a list or give examples

F-Give an opinion

M-Construct a bridge between one idea and another

E-Give Cause and Effect

9/24-9/28 Plans

23 09 2012

I just wanted to let everyone  know about the plans for this week as well as due dates.  Also, I will give a presentation rubric AND essay rubric to each student.

***Please note I made a few changes to the synthesis due date paper.

Monday 9/24 Synthesis Work Day

  • Detailed Power Point rough draft due by the end of class.
  • All remaining source cards  must be submitted for approval if not done so by this date. Each group should have 6 sources including Douglass.

***Today is the last day to turn in Dresden rewrites.


Tuesday 9/25 Campus Ministry Day


Wednesday 9/26 Final Synthesis Day in class-

  • We will review MLA citations for individual essays as well as format for works cited page.  Please use for help if you get stuck.  That is a resource that I’ve never used before, but it seems very helpful.
  • ALL groups should have 22 cards with notes as well as 6 source cards by the end of class.
  • Each group should prepare some type of question/assignment to give to the class at the completion of the presentation. This could be a questionnaire, a paragraph response, multiple choice questions, discussion questions, etc.
  • Each group should submit the lesson to me by Friday so that I can make copies if needed.

Thursday 9/27:  Douglass Final Test over the following:

  • Douglass’ effectiveness as a writer.
  • Analysis questions about Douglass’ use of strategies in his writing.
  • Connecting your synthesis topics to Douglass.
  • Close reading passages with analysis.

*****I will determine/assign presentation order for next week.

Friday 9/28:

  • Works Cited pages due.
  • Class made assignment due.

Monday 10/1

  • Individual essays due (please see rubric distributed)
  • ALL presentations should be ready to present!
  • Students will grade group members as well as classmates’ group presentations.

Monday 10/1 & Tuesday 10/2: Presentation Days

*** Please note that we will begin using your Vocabulary Workshop Level G beginning 10/10-assignment to follow.


Using sentence strategies to create meaningful sentences

13 09 2012

Using the sentence strategies given out in class, write a meaningful paragraph on ONE of the topics listed below.  Be sure to use the correct pattern!

Topics- 1)Frederick Douglass as an inspiration  2) The most interesting thing you did this summer (school appropriate)  or 3) Your most embarrassing moment

Use the following pattern: F-B-A-K-E

3) My classroom is very dangerous for me.  I have numerous stories of tripping in front of students, accidentally saying inappropriate words in class, spitting on students, and even teaching the wrong material to the wrong class. All teachers are a bit odd. I’m a magnet for embarrassment.  If you see a book on the floor in my classroom, there is a good chance you will soon see me flying over it heading face first to the ground.

Chapter 7 Multiple Choice Answers

8 09 2012

Here are the answers for your chapter 7 assignment.  Please remember that you are to give evidence or an explanation for each question.  Only answering the question is NOT the assignment.

6) d-a statement of the narrator’s accomplishment followed by an explanation of how he reached it.

7) c-  I and II only

8) e-shrewd

9) b-to emphasize how Douglass’s reactions turned to action

10) d-reflective appreciation

11) d-“first step had been taken” (paragraph 3)

12) c-sympathizers to the abolitionist cause

13) d-passionate and determined

The Development of Young Douglass-Chapter 5

5 09 2012

Find and post one supportive piece of evidence for at least TWO of the following character traits in the young Frederick Douglass.  Use chapter 5 only to complete this task. Please write only the evidence that applies to supporting your chosen statement.

1. Douglass is unrooted inwardly (in himself).

2. Douglass is unrooted externally (in place).

3. Douglass is confident and courageous.

4. Douglass is practical.

5. Douglass is hopeful.

6. Douglass believes in divine intervention and providence.

7. Douglass is intuitive.

8. Douglass has faith in God.