9/24-9/28 Plans

23 09 2012

I just wanted to let everyone  know about the plans for this week as well as due dates.  Also, I will give a presentation rubric AND essay rubric to each student.

***Please note I made a few changes to the synthesis due date paper.

Monday 9/24 Synthesis Work Day

  • Detailed Power Point rough draft due by the end of class.
  • All remaining source cards  must be submitted for approval if not done so by this date. Each group should have 6 sources including Douglass.

***Today is the last day to turn in Dresden rewrites.


Tuesday 9/25 Campus Ministry Day


Wednesday 9/26 Final Synthesis Day in class-

  • We will review MLA citations for individual essays as well as format for works cited page.  Please use http://www.easybib.com/ for help if you get stuck.  That is a resource that I’ve never used before, but it seems very helpful.
  • ALL groups should have 22 cards with notes as well as 6 source cards by the end of class.
  • Each group should prepare some type of question/assignment to give to the class at the completion of the presentation. This could be a questionnaire, a paragraph response, multiple choice questions, discussion questions, etc.
  • Each group should submit the lesson to me by Friday so that I can make copies if needed.

Thursday 9/27:  Douglass Final Test over the following:

  • Douglass’ effectiveness as a writer.
  • Analysis questions about Douglass’ use of strategies in his writing.
  • Connecting your synthesis topics to Douglass.
  • Close reading passages with analysis.

*****I will determine/assign presentation order for next week.

Friday 9/28:

  • Works Cited pages due.
  • Class made assignment due.

Monday 10/1

  • Individual essays due (please see rubric distributed)
  • ALL presentations should be ready to present!
  • Students will grade group members as well as classmates’ group presentations.

Monday 10/1 & Tuesday 10/2: Presentation Days

*** Please note that we will begin using your Vocabulary Workshop Level G beginning 10/10-assignment to follow.





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