Using sentence strategies to create meaningful sentences

13 09 2012

Using the sentence strategies given out in class, write a meaningful paragraph on ONE of the topics listed below.  Be sure to use the correct pattern!

Topics- 1)Frederick Douglass as an inspiration  2) The most interesting thing you did this summer (school appropriate)  or 3) Your most embarrassing moment

Use the following pattern: F-B-A-K-E

3) My classroom is very dangerous for me.  I have numerous stories of tripping in front of students, accidentally saying inappropriate words in class, spitting on students, and even teaching the wrong material to the wrong class. All teachers are a bit odd. I’m a magnet for embarrassment.  If you see a book on the floor in my classroom, there is a good chance you will soon see me flying over it heading face first to the ground.


Chapter 7 Multiple Choice Answers

8 09 2012

Here are the answers for your chapter 7 assignment.  Please remember that you are to give evidence or an explanation for each question.  Only answering the question is NOT the assignment.

6) d-a statement of the narrator’s accomplishment followed by an explanation of how he reached it.

7) c-  I and II only

8) e-shrewd

9) b-to emphasize how Douglass’s reactions turned to action

10) d-reflective appreciation

11) d-“first step had been taken” (paragraph 3)

12) c-sympathizers to the abolitionist cause

13) d-passionate and determined

The Development of Young Douglass-Chapter 5

5 09 2012

Find and post one supportive piece of evidence for at least TWO of the following character traits in the young Frederick Douglass.  Use chapter 5 only to complete this task. Please write only the evidence that applies to supporting your chosen statement.

1. Douglass is unrooted inwardly (in himself).

2. Douglass is unrooted externally (in place).

3. Douglass is confident and courageous.

4. Douglass is practical.

5. Douglass is hopeful.

6. Douglass believes in divine intervention and providence.

7. Douglass is intuitive.

8. Douglass has faith in God.

Test on Tuesday-9/4/12

30 08 2012

You will have a test on Tuesday September 4th.  It will cover the following:

  • Chapter 1 of Everything’s An Argument Notes.

Purposes of argument, occasion, and means of appeal

  • Applying the Everything’s An Argument information to other texts LIKE The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass.
  • Identifying examples of appeals to Ethos, Logos, and Pathos in advertisements/texts.
  • The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass preface-chapter 1-4.  (Basic comprehension of events, analysis of Douglass’ actions, purpose, tone, theme, etc.)
  •  Blog topics-go back and check the blog because I might use some of your posts/advertisements as questions on the test.
  • It will be multiple choice and short answer.

Please email me over the weekend with ANY questions.

Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass Preface

29 08 2012

Below is a link to the preface if needed.

Please complete only part A of tone activity for Frederick Douglass Preface due at the beginning of class tomorrow.   In class tomorrow, we will do a close reading of chapter 1 together which will lead to your assignment for the weekend.

I’m loving it???

27 08 2012


Using today’s starter activity as inspiration, find two advertisements or articles that present TWO different view points on the same subject.   You should 1) post the image/link or article/link on the blog 2) Identify the purpose of each, identify the occasion for each, and identify by what means it appeals to its audience.  Use the notes you took in class today to help you!!!  Please also comment on at least one student’s post. This is due before class on Wednesday.

A Few Things….

26 08 2012

 Please read my post about the rubric for the essay that is due Monday at the start of class.  Also, we will be using Everything’s An Argument next week, and we will begin reading The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass.  Please make sure you bring them to class next week.  You will definitely need Everything’s An Argument on Monday.  If you still do not have it, please look to borrow one from a classmate in another class.  Please let me know if you have any questions about the rubric or about the assignment.


Ms. Hennegan